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A sci-fi audio drama brewed for the end times, Earth under Gold follows several unlucky humans through the final days of the Golden occupation. In 2033, the Golden -- an alien force composed of six gargantuan birdlike beings -- descended from the heavens and promptly decimated our species. After the slaughter, the Golden corralled the survivors into sprawling refugee camps. Flash forward fifty years -- those camps are now thriving city-states, the leaders of which are eager to assert dominance in a newly opened world. As the Golden begin their exodus, the human race ambles toward a familiar crossroads. Can it find a new way? Will our species free itself from its torturous patterns?


Bonni Allen - Beck
Veronica Anuforo - Girl
Gabrielle Arrowsmith - Anna Lucas
Sally Burtnick - Drone
Greg Craft - Technician
Adam Dale - Salesman
Chad David - Roger
Liz Davies - Mara Lorraine
Madelinekarita Fleming - Mish
Kathryn Fumie - Eva
Alex Galick - Edmund Fennick/House/General
Sean Erik Hoffman - Josiah "Jo-Bird" Byrd
Billie Jo Konze - Leigh/Em-3
Bruce Purcell - Gottfried
Douglas Sidney - Zeb Dreskin
Bob Strootman - Doorman
Joel Thingvall - Bob
Ricardo Vázquez - Bryan